How it all got started.

Monday. 11:26 pm. Almost an hour ago, during a lull at work, I tweeted to David over msn. I won’t bore you with the details, rather my intention is to  excite you with the facts. To elicit an erection within your brain. A mind-boner, if you will. Here’s what I ‘says’ (a word boorish people use to tell stories) to him: “Last night, I thought about starting a blog or a twitter account. Instead I ate boneless chicken wings”. David suggested we co-author a blog. I like that his idea doesn’t involve me having diarrhea the next morning.


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5 Responses to “How it all got started.”

  1. Mr Sanchez Says:

    Hola, Is this likes a blog that makes funs of others blog?

  2. talvid Says:

    Hi Mr. Sanchez.
    This is not a blog that makes fun of other blogs. This is a blog that just likes to have fun and let loose a l’il. You know, like a rambunctious little toddler. Goo, goo, fucking, ga ga.

  3. Taco Truckx Says:

    Blogs are fun to for blogging on to think on. I likke it.

  4. Mindbender Says:

    I like it already. And I read the whole thing backwards.

  5. talvid Says:

    Who are you, Mindbender? Did you go to school with Moshe Mindbender?

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