People I’ve Made It With

As Tal well knows, one of my go-to IM jokes is to send someone a message asking if they want to see a picture of the person I “made it with” the night before. Funny thing is, most of these ballins’ b realz! Fer instance, last night I had a lopsided “open-face” sammich with the lovely ladies you see below:

I had to call in sick to work the day after that, I’ll tell you that right now!

Couple nights hence, I had an encounter with the following feminatrix, who was surprisingly insistent about keeping the lights off and, if you’ll esscayuuuuse me, a bit of a prude about upper and lower body contact:

Supermodel material, all three.

Talmujjy — I realize boasting about this sort of thing might make you jealous. To which I have the following to say: don’t expect me to wash my hands anytime soon.


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