To blog, to tweet, to live.

This is something I’ve been struggling with as of late. Clearly, I needed some sort of creative outlet outside of the workplace, but the decision of which social media to go with has been haunting me like a thing that’s really, really haunting. Forgive me, my similes are, for lack of a better word, lazy*.  At first, I thought tweeting was the way to go. And maybe it is. But for now, I think there’s so much more to a story than can be summed up in 140 or characters or less. For example, a common tweet like “aww, that back pimple had lots of sweet goo” probably has a pretty interesting back story. Pun totes intended. You see, in a blog, you can discuss that backzit without fear that you won’t be able to get it all out in 140. Because when it’s a good one, you simply need more character bandwidth. At this point, I’m at over 145 words, with plenty of juicy puss that couldn’t be contained in a tweet. In summary, I choose blog because blog lets you get it all out whether it be with words, puss, or a jpeg of both.


*saying for lack of a better word in a blog post is also lazy.


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