Chinese Foody

Kinda weird how calling a bro from England an Englishman is cool, but calling a fella from China a Chinaman is bad mojo. I watched a Boris Karloff movie recently where he played Fu Manchu, a Chinaman Chinese supervillain. It was pretty dope. Reminded me in a way of the restaurant below:

After I watched the movie, I was relaxing by thinking of haikus and playing a bamboo flute when I got hungry. I went to the place below for some chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce. The color of that shit is amazing. I’m pretty picky about my Chinese food. I only like it real authentic-like. If you’re also picky about chinese food — i.e., don’t wanna settle for Manchu Wok or Mandarin — I suggest you try the place you’re about to feast your eyes on. Tell ’em I sent you. And try the plain scallions (that’s a kind of vegetable).

I’m pretty much a foodie. I fucking eat food all the time. But check this out: you know how most people will like get their baloney sammy and just scarf that shit? I fucking dress it up with mayo and mustard and whatnot. Same goes for Chinese food. Most people just order it in or go to a buffet. I’m such a fucking foodie that I only go places where the servers DRESS authentic-style. Like the place below. I suggest you try it (if you think your palate can handle stuff like Chicken Balls with Sweet and Sour sauce and Egg Rolls with plum sauce and won-tons [those are like Chinese raviolys]).!


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