5 words that are dumb

Mind’s Eye- I know it’s technically two words, but that doesn’t make it any better. Mind’s eye? I picture an eyeball situated in the middle of a brain. An unpleasing image to say the least. Harrumph, indeed!

Cozy- I distinctly remember my babysitter back in my yoot asking me if I was ‘cozy’ in my crib. I said, ‘sure’, but really? Read between the lines, woman. That baby wanted to kick you. That baby was me.

Whatnot- Do me a favour and never finish your sentence with this one. Better you say, ‘etc’ or ‘and so on’. Actually, if you pronounce it as “chwhatnot”, I’m cool with it.

Blog- What the hell is a blog, anyway? Log mixed with the letter B? I get the log part, but the extraneous B just drives me nuts. And the fact that it drives me nuts, in fact, means I’m nuts.

You- You’re a dumb word.

Can’t believe you fell for that one. And now the part where I use all the words I despise in a sentence: Last night while I was getting cozy with you, my mind’s eye was really dwelling on my next blog entry, and whatnot. Sorry, Guinevere. I was only pretending to listen.



2 Responses to “5 words that are dumb”

  1. ryan Says:

    Blog= Web log, condensed

  2. talvid Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for writing in, but I’m pretty sure your suggestion is wrong. Web Log would be condensed as wlog, or e-log, or web-log.

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