Review: Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster

“SHUT UP MOM!!! I’LL EAT DINNER WHEN I’M GOOD AND READY. SOME OF US HAVE IMPORTANT SHIT TO DO. SOME OF US GET PAID TO REVIEW AWESOME MUSICAL ACTS. SOME OF US IS ME AND AWESOME MUSICAL ACTS IS LADY EF’N G’GA. Now kindly put the chicken tenders in the microwave and I’ll eat them (avec Bleu Cheese sauce, sil vous plait) when I’m done.”

With songs like “Bad Romance” and a Eurotrashy cover of ABBA’s “Alejandro”, you get the sense that Lady Guglielmo is truly maturing as an artist. Intros, hooks, verses, chorusii, The Fame Monster has everything you’d expect in a cd, and more. Despite consisting of only eight tracks, the longest of which comes in at 5:54, Gaga Blacksheep’s latest effort, The Fame Monster, still feels about the same weight as albums that bloated with twice as many songs. An impressive feat being at once as heavy as Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy yet as light and airy as The Simpsons’ The Simpsons Sing the Blues*. Her latest offering is reminiscent of her debut release, the more minimalist titled, The Fame. With the additional word, Monster, G’ga G’goo provides listeners with one more grouping of letters (a word) to look at on the cover of her CD. For those who have abandoned the compact disc format altogether, you’ll be pleased to discover that Gaggers and Mash is also available on iTunes. As well, she can be heard providing the musical backdrop to some of the most popular amateur porn clips on the web today.

Now mother, these chicken tenders you mentioned, I do hope, for your sake, they’re of the buffaloed variety.

*Weight measurements do not include jewel case


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