People like you are not like people like me. They need answers. Answers to the questions that life asks day in, as well as day out. Here is a list of common “wha shoo ah toos, Talvid”.

Kindle vs. Book- Just got season 3 of Lost on my Kindle. Suck it, book.

LCD vs. Plasma- People say you get truer blacks with plasma. So yeah, plasma is more Obama-y.

Elevator vs. Stairs- Any man worth his salt knows that the only way to get your up and down on is to live, breathe, and shit par-motherfucking-kour.

Fast Food vs. Mom’s home cooking- Your mom gave you life, fast food takes it away. Though, to be fair, your mom didn’t invent the stuffed crust.

Stones vs. Beatles- One word: Miley fuckin Cyrus.

The Hills vs. Jersey Shore- Jersey Shore. And to think my previous guilty pleasure was lathering myself in low-cal Fluffernutter and taunting the neighbourhood MinPin.

Bush vs. Bare- Politics are not my strong point. 1970s porno is.

Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas- I know for a fact that Santa is an avid Talvid reader, so…


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2 Responses to “Choice”

  1. H-bomb Says:


    1. Parkour gives me heavy second-hand embarrassment and is generally lame
    2. Lady Gaga…more like Lady CaCa
    3. Bare wins. Every. Single. Time.

  2. Oda Deblasio Says:

    We absolutely fancy Lady Gaga, so adorable. I have as yet to see her in concert. I hope before long.

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