Talvid reviews Justin Biebers “My World 2.0”

Some of the Biebs songs are pretty good. Others you might not like. My recommendation would be to buy it if you enjoy his music generally.
Buy it. Not buy it. Ultimately, you get the call on that one. Next week, Talvid reviews a movie he has not seen.


3 Responses to “Talvid reviews Justin Biebers “My World 2.0””

  1. H-bomb Says:

    bone it.

  2. This Is a Picture of a Penis « Tal and David's Blog of Shit Says:

    […] But the thing I’m fuming about right now is Justin Bieber. Talvid’s team of web analysts has learned that this very blog, TaDBoS (pronounced ‘Tadboss’) has been drawing traffic from Justin Bieber fans. Why? Because teenage girls have crazy good radars for sexy shit that makes them understand that their burgeoning womanhood is not something to be afraid of and that the weird warm feeling they get in their special private place isn’t a bad thing. (Also because Talvid reviewed My World 2.0) […]

  3. Rom Says:

    Justin has another version of his world.

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