Examining The Whores Cliche

For the dude with a tiny whore fetish.

“Straight from the whores’s mouth”. Doctor looks at sore and says, “hmm, looks like you got this one straight from the whores’s mouth”. Now don’t correct his English. He’s the doctor.

“You can lead a whore to water, but you can’t make her drink”. From my experience, they’re after cash. Hydration is definitely not a whore’s M.O. However, on occasion you’ll find a whore who’s looking to get straight. See Jodi Foster in Taxi Driver. She’s the type of whore you CAN lead to water.

“Don’t look a gift whore in the mouth”. Before the whore you’ve been gifted proceeds with his/her suckoff, don’t look it in the mouth. The gift whore that is. It aint gwan be pretty. I know.

“Beating a dead whore”. It was one time and you were drunk, right? Regardless, not cool.

“Putting the cart before the whores”. Never do this! Frankly, it’s best if you approach them on foot. When the fuzz see a whore approaching a cart, that’s when arrests happen, brosephine.

“Whoreses are dirty, filthy animals”. Makes sense to me.


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