That’s What Friends Are For

The other night I walked by one of Toronto’s many cookie cutter Irish Pubs. Outside on the sidewalk, there were two gentlemen embroiled in a heated, soulful conversation. One guy, wearing an oversized Montreal Canadiens jersey, likely with his family name emblazoned on the back. The other guy, dressed like a trucker probably because he actually was a trucker. Both men were smoking DuMauries. Sucking them right to the filters as they stood too close and spoke too loud. The man in the trucker-wear was clearly in a sorry state and was being consoled. Things would get better for him. He has a life to get back to. Don’t give up, said his Les Habitants friend. But that’s not really what he said. In his slurred speech, the Rogie Vachon wannabe gave him the best reason a man could ask for to continue his life: “Duuuuude, you got a bbbb(burps) beer in there, man!”. And back inside they went. It’s a beautiful life.


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2 Responses to “That’s What Friends Are For”

  1. Rich Says:

    true story

  2. H-bomb Says:

    it IS a beautiful life

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