If You Haven’t Seen These Yet, Don’t Bother

First off, let Talvid feign an apology for not posting in awhile. We’ve been pretty busy doing things people like you (no offence, but seriously) could never fathom. Imagine getting beejers mixed with skydiving mixed with winning an oscar mixed with buffalo chicken caesar wraps mixed winning the Powerball mixed with beejers once more. Thats what we’ve been doing-ish. Anyway, superfan, we’re still really busy doing shit like that (why would you ever stop, seriously?), so Talvid’s gonna post a bunch of short videos for you to watch instead of wasting his time being your monkey. All of them are primo, and if you beg to differ, your opinion aint valid. Gee-eff-why. Not you mom, you’re alright. JK-especially you.


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