Justin Bieber Naked

Now you go right ahead and keep yer damn pants on, guy. There are no, I repeat no naked pictures here of the one they call “Bieber”. However, due to the smash success of Il Biebelino’s latest musical recording, Talvid’s Blog of Shit is getting a shit ton of hits. My guess is, in fact I know, that Bieber-sexuals are feverishly googling the Biebs and accidentally stumbling upon T&DBOS. And we noticed that lately, well, the numbers were sliding a bit. Maybe it’s because the posts have been sucking (impossible), or the popularity of Bielseebub’s 2.0 has been waning (I hope so). What I do know is that you, sick perverted bastard, looked up “Justin Bieber Naked” and happened upon the greatest blog in the history of boykind. And that’s twofold. One, you’ve got loads of awesome shit to read for the next little while. Two, you’re going to jail for the next little while because you looked up naked pictures of a little boy. Shame on you, Pete O’Pheal.


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