In Praise of This Blog

Lately, to be more exact, always, people have been coming up to me (Talvid) on the streets of Toronto and New York to waste my time with their less than Talvidian witticisms. What they generally try to eke out in some disjointed, ESL manner is, “I love your blog, it’s great.” Of course I’m paraphrasing. It’s never nearly as eloquently put as that. No offense, fans. It’s just like, you see when I’m not talking to someone who’s on Talvid’s level, or, on a side note, getting eye-diddled by some gorg’ super model, I feel a tad underwhelmsy. I know this is probably coming across as conceited or arrogant, but I can assure you that Talvid is anything but. The truth is, we’re a human being. Fallible just like the rest of you. The only difference is that when Talvid is fucking up, it appears as exactly the opposite. For example, this one time I was caught cheating on a test in Uni. (Harvard, Yale or somesuch). What’d Prof do? He high-fived me, wrote me a blank check, thanked me for servicing his wife the night before, failed the student I’d been cheating off, and, of course, gave me an A+. Look, I gotta run. The president of Canada’s waiting to chit-chat. My secretary’s saying it’s something about a Nobel peace prize for literature in regards to my blog?
Whatevs, Obama, whatevs.


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One Response to “In Praise of This Blog”

  1. H-bomb Says:

    Talvidian witticisms? More like Talvidian criticisms.

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