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Drunk At A Wedding

August 19, 2010

Talvid’s old roommate Dennis went to a wedding recently, got trashed, and behaved inappropriately. Someone was taking notes:

Bev: Offended by you asking a homeless black man where his crack
pipe was. Joann insists you grabbed her boobs and said “Wanna make
out?” but Joann says she doesn’t remember this.

Catherine: Stepped on her foot, leaving an inch-long bruise, not sure if
this was by accident or not because she said it was pretty hard. Asked
her if Dean was her boyfriend, then asked if she wanted to make out,
then handed her your business card and she handed it back to you.

Samantha: I apparently introduced you to her and she merely said “no” and
walked away.

Joe: Somehow ended up on the phone with you in our room and you
called him a faggot. Once you arrived at his room, took off your shoes
and when you left tried to put on his shoes. Also, planted yourself in
the middle of the room sprawled out on a desk chair eating pizza
dripping ranch sauce all over your shirt.

Karis: No memory of you.

Meghan: No memory of you.

Dee: Actively avoided you.

Steph: In our room, pulled up her skirt in the back and said “You like
this don’t you?”

Christine: Tried to do the same thing and this led Steph to call you a
“fucker.” You said “What? Women like stuff like that!” She said “Do
you like getting punched in the balls?” Later commented on your
“general douchiness.”

Brent: The aforementioned skirt lifting led Karis and Steph to leave
our room to ride down to Joe and Mark’s room without you, saying
they didn’t want to be trapped in the elevator with you. This then led
you to ride in the elevator down with Joe. During this, you pulled
Joe aside and said “Look, there’s going to be a room full of bitches
and hoes down there. Don’t ruin this for me.”

Joann: Tried to pull down her wedding dress in the front a couple times.

Thanks for sharing with TADBOS, Dennis. We hope this bit of publicity scores you some well deserved attention from the ladies. And here is an emoticon of a wink 😉